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    Steve Davis was once just a rookie from Plumstead, south London, learning how to play from an old book his snooker-obsessed father had given him, when an encounter with Barry Hearn changed his life eternally. With his backing, Steve began touring the country in a clapped-out car as an amateur. Challenging established professionals and winning titles, supported by his loyal following the Romford Roar, it wasn’t long before he progressed to the world’s stage. By the eighties, Steve had helped change into a prior to now shady sport into a national obsession. He and a cast of legends such as Ray Reardon, Dennis Taylor and Alex Higgins, with other young guns like Jimmy White, were doing silent battle in front of huge audiences. Tens of millions of viewers would witness the nail-biting conclusions of his world championship finals; this was once snooker’s golden era. The man at the back of the ‘boring’ tag has at all times been the sport’s smartest and sharpest man. With his cool, obsessive approach, Steve rewrote the rule book and became untouchably the best player on the planet and the best paid sportsman in the country. Interesting lays it all bare: what it was once like to win in those pressure-cooker situations; how to cope at the top, when everyone wants you to lose; and how you handle the moment when a man comes along who is in spite of everything better than you. This can be a memoir that closely evokes the smoke-filled atmosphere of those arenas, the intrigue at the back of the scenes and the personal psychology and sacrifice that is required to stay at the top of such an exacting sport.